Rebuilding Our Local Food Economy

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Rebuilding Our Local Food Economy

The Foodshed Alliance is working to shift our food and farming system towards significantly increased production and consumption of locally grown, locally produced, and locally sourced foods. This will shift millions of dollars into our region’s local food economy, dollars that are currently being stripped away by an industrialized, globalized, fossil-fuel-based, chemical-dependent food system that is degrading our environment, damaging our health, and undermining our local economy.

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What Is a Foodshed?

A “Foodshed” describes a region where food flows from where it is produced to the place where it is consumed, including the land it grows on, the route it travels, the markets it passes through, and the tables it ends up on.

Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

The Foodshed Alliance works with farmers, food producers, agricultural leaders and consumers to develop projects that foster the growth of a sustainable local food system.

Building a Resilient Local Food System

We need to bolster our local food system to increasingly feed a greater proportion of our local population by localizing our food supply to the greatest level possible.