There is a need in New Jersey for a coordinated effort between the public, private and nonprofit sectors to build a food system that will ensure access to green, fair, nutritious, affordable food for all. This can be accomplished by having all stakeholders in the farming and food sectors working together to set priorities, goals and action plans.

The Foodshed Alliance has completed a year-long assessment of the northern New Jersey food system, identifying the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the local food system. This result is this Regional Foodshed Resiliency Plan. The plan includes goals for strengthening the food system, and outlines the creation of an implementation plan.

We invite the many, many food-system stakeholders to come together to strengthen the northern New Jersey food system, and to work to create a food system that is just and fair, builds strong and resilient communities, promotes vibrant and healthy farms, promotes healthy people, supports a sustainable ecosystem, and promotes thriving local economies. Working together to incorporate these values into a healthy food system will benefit us all.

Download the Regional Foodshed Resiliency Plan here.