Matt Polsky (right) gleans apples to donate to food pantries to feed those in need.

One of LocalShare’s indefatigable volunteers, Matt Polsky of Belvidere, was recently named into the Hackettstown Area Senior Hall of Fame. The Senior Hall of Fame to recognizes individuals age 60 and over who have made a significant impact on the lives of others in the Hackettstown area, primarily through volunteerism.

Matt joined the ranks of the 225 who have been inducted to date, including 13 others in the Class of 2018:

Matt has volunteered with the Foodshed Alliance and its LocalShare program for 2 years. Matt volunteers between 5 – 8 hours per month depending on the season.

Matt has contributed volunteer time in the following ways:

  • Serving on the LocalShare Steering Committee
  • Gleaning (helping to harvest food that would otherwise be wasted) at farms throughout Warren and Sussex Counties.
  • Delivering fresh produce to food pantries in Hackettstown, Belvidere and Dover
  • Offering his expertise in sustainability as a consultant, liaison, and supporter benefitting all the programs of the Foodshed Alliance

“The LocalShare program is successful due to the volunteer base that gets the work done. Many outstanding seniors volunteer but Matt is unique,” wrote Christine Parauda, LocalShare Coordinator, who nominated Matt. “Matt is an intelligent, thoughtful and giving person making changes for good throughout our community in the most interesting ways.”

As a professor in sustainability and Senior Fellow for Sustainability Innovation, one his greatest assets is his ability to bring his knowledge and experience to our work. Matt studies issues, researches the literature for solutions, and provides unique and valuable contributions which strengthen all that we do. Matt’s approach to problem solving offers an immeasurable plus for all those we serve who have limited access to fresh healthy food, people struggling to feed their families.

Matt’s time and expertise both in the field harvesting and around the board table offering insights and asking important questions is appreciated on all levels. We at the Foodshed Alliance are grateful to Matt for his service, kindness and inquisitive nature.