As the holiday season begins, we reflect on how we are to able do the important work to rebuild our local food system. It truly is because of you.

As a supporter of the Foodshed Alliance, YOU have made this happen . . .

  • A struggling mother of three young children “shops” at a free pop-up produce market, selecting what her family likes to eat, what she likes to cook, and even trying something new. Her kids’ eyes light up at the sight of the juicy, fresh apples!
  • A young farmer, who never thought she could afford to farm, signs an affordable long-term lease on preserved farmland and begins to realize her dream of creating an organic farm to support her family and feed her community.
  • Farmers get special recognition for being good stewards of the land and water resources by producing food in a way that promotes a healthy ecosystem and doesn’t degrade the long-term productivity of the land.
  • Students of locals schools learn the importance of our local farms, of providing healthy food for our neighbors in need, and of the delicate health of our waterways.

These are just a few stories showing that things are finally changing here in New Jersey. The more we can inspire change in the Garden State, the entire food system will benefit. More and more people are realizing the importance of a thriving local food economy and how that benefits us all.

You made these things happen through your support of our work. We truly couldn’t do it without you.

Our work has always been about making our local food system more resilient to withstand ever-more frequent disruptions like hurricanes, floods, power outages, pandemics, etc. We have all been tested several times over the years with disruptions that cause supply-chain issues. In all instances, our local farmers have met the needs of their communities as the global food supply chain stumbled.

Thanks to your support, the Foodshed Alliance addresses challenges in our local food system, supporting farm viability, increasing access to healthy local food, and protecting our environment.

Challenge: While farmers routinely grow excess food to account for crop losses, the 1 in 14 people who struggle with food-insecurity rarely have access to healthy farm-fresh food. You enabled us to: Glean (aka harvest) over 3 million of servings of surplus food and deliver it to food pantries to feed those in need.

Challenge: Access to farmland is out of reach for most would-be farmers, due to the high cost of land in NJ. You enabled us to: Make affordable long-term leases available on preserved farmland so new farmers can start their businesses and thrive.

Challenge: Globalization has severed the connections between local farms and local sales outlets. You enabled us to: Rebuild the market channels for local farms to distribute their products to nearby, ready-and-waiting, high-density populations.

Challenge: The climate crisis threatens farmers’ ability to grow food. You enabled us to: Train farmers how to rebuild the soil and sequester carbon—and be part of the solution to climate-change.

Thanks to your support, we focus on making sure our local farms continue to thrive to grow our communities’ healthy food. We strive to strengthen our local economy, provide greater access to nutrient-dense food, and keep our natural resources clean. We encourage farms to use regenerative growing practices to help mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil.

12 years of cultivating change. We couldn’t do it without you.

Please support this work once again with a generous year-end gift. Your donation will help us continue to rebuild a resilient local food economy, getting more regenerative farms on the land, providing more access to local food for everyone regardless of means, protecting our natural resources, and battling climate change.

No matter how big or how small your gift is, we are most grateful that you enable us to do this important work.

We can rebuild our food system based on our values—one that is local, sustainable, equitable, fair, humane and healthy. Together, we can impact the future.