We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking initiative that will significantly amplify the impact of our existing programs—the establishment of the Center for Food, Farming, and The Environment. This crucial agricultural building is more than just a structure; it is the cornerstone of our commitment to fostering sustainable agriculture, community engagement, and regional food security, and will be the base for all of our programs’ needs.

Our focus is to provide a capital that serves as a home for food and farming programs, as well as a community gathering place!

This campaigns primary goal is to:

Build a multi-purpose center that will…

  • Expand programs to meet & exceed community needs.

  • Create community assets through: Climate-Smart Farmer Training Center, Educational Workshops open to all, Rural Farm to Urban Consumer Connections, On-Site Local Foods Market

  • Enhance the food system to be just and equitable.

Our Vision for the Capital

For 15 years, the Foodshed Alliance has been working to rebuild a resilient food system by increasing access to healthy food for everyone in our community, regardless of means, and helping to increase farmland access to new and expanding organic farmers.  With donor support we have been able to create this access through our programming.

With a commitment to supporting our community, our mission of strengthening sustainable farming, increasing access to local, healthy food, and protecting the environment for all members of our community depends upon support from community members like you.

We see this center emerging as a vital hub for:

  • Climate Friendly and Regenerative Farming Education, providing training and workshops for both beginning and existing farmers looking to transition to regenerative and climate-smart practices.
  • LocalShare will utilize the space for critical operations, including cold storage, distribution, and a wash-n-pack facility, along with training volunteers and hosting appreciation events.
  • The Center will act as a market space for SAgE farmers, a pivotal component for the success of our SAgE program farmers. The Community’s Farm within the Center will offer retail sales of healthy organic produce grown within feet of the market.
  • Community Education and Engagement initiatives at the Center will provide a space for our northern NJ communities to learn about sustainable farming and local agriculture through workshops, demonstrations, talks, and community gatherings. The community will benefit from having an interactive and tangible connection to where their food comes from, how it is grown, and the effects on the environment. By engaging in education at the same location where the food is grown, and sold, the community will deepen ties to their place in the environment and the community.
  • The Center will help the Food Hub program expand its reach, increasing sales to institutions and providing greater access to historically disadvantaged urban communities. The Center will offer a Sussex County drop-off point for farmers, facilitating the aggregation and sale of produce.

This caters to the ever-evolving needs of our community. The future of food and our food system is shrouded in uncertainty, primarily due to the restricted access to fresh, locally sourced food, education, training, and viable farmlands.

First Floor, Main Building

Second Floor, Main Building

Wash and Pack, Second Building

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve reached an incredible milestone in our Capital Campaign – we’re now 65% of the way to our $1 million goal!

But we still have a ways to go and need your help!

We need your support to push us over the finish line and make our vision a reality.With your help, we can achieve our goal and create a lasting impact on our community. Every contribution brings us closer to building the Center for Food Farming and the Environment, a hub of innovation and education that will transform our local food system for generations to come. Contributing to our Capital Campaign presents a transformative chance for YOU to play a significant role in shaping our future!

To invest in The Center for Farming, Environment and Community Food Systems contact Eric Derby; 201-240-5858 or eric@foodshedalliance.org

Our Impact

749,342 lbs produce & 25,768 dozen eggs

donated to 100+ service agencies


3,306,584 meal servings


Partnering w/ 20+ local farms to collect & donate surplus, fresh food

13 new Sustainable & Regenerative Farms in business

Including historically underserved farmers, with affordable long-term leases on 3 sites of preserved farmland

100 acres of preserved farmland now being farmed with climate-smart organic agricultural practices


7 Farms Certified River-Friendly (& Growing)

recognizing them for using best farm management practice that protect waterways

$200,000 in sales to farmers in pilot food hub


by connecting rural farms with urban consumers & institutional buyers


$4 million in sales generated at farmers’ markets we created over the past 15 years


Akirah & Mancoba Hlatshwako

Akirah & Mancoba Hlatshwako

Ubuntu Permaculture Mission, SAgE Farm Applicants

“We are particularly interested in the SAgE program as we share similar values of organic farming practices that center and uplift our communities and steward the earth.”

Meg Myers

Meg Myers

Cattail Hollow Farm, River Friendly Farm Certified

“The River Friendly Farm Certification process was super easy! Hoping that by marketing the certification for our farm, will attract other farmers to also find out about the program and apply.”

Diana Morrison

Diana Morrison

Director of Pathways 2 Prosperity, Norwescap

“The access to local food has changed the lives and health of the families in the communities that receive the fresh veggies from the Foodshed Alliance”.