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To Rebuild our Local Food Economy

Compost is the most amazing stuff on Earth! Compost is the result of Earth’s natural recycling process – transforming nature’s matter that has already gone through the life cycle and into beautiful nourishment to make new life grow!

That is why we’ve name our new automatic Monthly Giving Club the “Compost Club.”

The Compost Club is a special group of the Foodshed Alliance’s most passionate and nourishing supporters – leaders just like you!

Your automatic monthly gift can help provide the sustained resources needed to accelerate the pace and scale of our work to restore our local food system, support family farms and protect our rural environment.

Monthly giving is the easiest and most efficient way to support the work of the Foodshed Alliance.

  • You are in total control. You can easily start, change or stop your gift at any time online or by phone.
  • You’ll receive less mail because we don’t need to send you reminders — which means more of your gift goes directly to support nature.
  • As a special thank you, you will receive a token bag of top-quality compost, created at the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm.

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