Thanks to our supporters, in 2016 the Foodshed Alliance has:

Increased the amount of donated food through our LocalShare program by 30%, from 35,678 lbs. in 2015 to 46,887 lbs. in 2016. This included 45,572  lbs. of produce gleaned from farms, 550 lbs. of donated produce at the Blairstown Farmers Market, 100 lbs. of free-range, local chicken, and 443 dozen eggs.

Collaborated with land trusts, nonprofits and foundations to investigate replicating a Hudson Valley program that has successfully placed farmers on land. New Jersey has the second most expensive farm land in the country yet the highest percentage of preserved farmland in the nation.

Began work to establish an incubator farm in northern New Jersey where beginning farmers can access low-cost land for up to three years as they hone farming, business management and marketing skills.

Explored ways to expand the use of healthy local food by institutional buyers, like restaurants, hospitals, schools, corporate dining halls, etc., which will help NJ’s family farms and consumers who benefit from farm-fresh food.

Facilitated the infusion of at least quarter-million dollars into our local food economy through the Morris County Winter Farmers’ Market and the Blairstown Farmers’ Market, operated by our subsidiary, the Foodshed Alliance Farmers’ Access Network.

This important work was made possible by people like you who care about where their food comes, how it’s grown and the people who grow it.

Donate today. Your gift will directly help New Jersey’s family farms thrive.