One of the outcomes of the pandemic is a severe uptick in the need for food at food pantries to feed those in need. But as food insecurity soars, so does the kindness and generosity of everyday people.

The Foodshed Alliiance’s LocalShare program has the good fortune to interact on a regular basis with people who want to make a difference. Here are three examples of people stepping up to make sure neighbors have enough to eat.

Back in mid-May, Carolyn Wiesing read an article about a Pennsylvania egg farm who was facing the horrible decision to euthanize his 80,000 layers because the processor that buys his bulk eggs ran out of storage for liquefied eggs used by cruise ships, hospitals, hotels and school cafeterias. The market for his eggs vanished overnight and he was facing the unthinkable.

Luckily, a fellow PA egg farmer heard of his plight and offered to help him move eggs. A social media maven, the fellow egg farmer got the word out that fresh local eggs would be available for $2/dozen.

The plight of the hens and the price of the eggs was a compelling message drawing hundreds of consumers who came around to buy the eggs. LocalShare volunteer Carolyn Wiesing was one of them.

A resident of Sussex County, Carolyn drove a couple of hours to purchase 100 dozen eggs to donate to LocalShare. Eggs are always welcome at food pantries as they are a great, much-needed protein source and everyone knows how to use them.

“We were just thrilled when Carolyn delivered the eggs,” said Christine Parauda, LocalShare coordinator. “She saw something she could do to make a difference, made a call or two, and drove hours to get food for a hundred families.”  Thanks, Carolyn!


You’ll recall, during the first weeks of the pandemic, hand sanitizer was woefully hard to find—a real problem if you work all day collecting, sorting and delivering food. The LocalShare staff couldn’t find any hand sanitizer in stores. Then they noticed a locally produced hand sanitizer offered at Race Farm’s market, made by Will’s Wares, a small business run by a young man and his Mom, Will and Margaret Scocozza.

Christine reached out via Facebook to purchase two bottles for LocalShare. “Sounds to me that you are essential workers, Christine! We will be happy to donate 2 bottles to you,” Margaret wrote back.

And that wasn’t all. Will’s Wares donated part of the proceeds from their new hand sanitizer product to LocalShare. We are so grateful to you, Will and Margaret!


Back in April, we got an email from Quality Automotive in Blairstown saying they wanted to run a fundraiser to help the food pantry crisis. “Unfortunately, there are many that are struggling and families that need assistance and food pantries are being overwhelmed and under staffed. We believe that everyone is essential so we’ve decided to support the community & local pantries by helping the Foodshed Alliance. The Foodshed Alliance is working hard to feed those in need by purchasing food for these pantries and answering their call for help. To show our support in this amazing cause, we are running a “Q the Love Campaign,” to raise money and assist in their efforts. They created a Facebook campaign committing $1 for every like, share or tag, up to $1,000. Thank you so much, Denise, John, Ambre and whole Quality Automotive crew!