Revitalizing Our Brand(s)

Foodshed Alliance is introducing new logos to reflect our mission and a vision for the future

In 17 years of rebuilding a healthier local food system that provides for everyone, our work; helping farmers, feeding people and protecting the environment has grown, our programs have expanded, our audience has diversified. At the same time, our values and commitment to impacting changes in our communities has deepened. One of the biggest evolutions in the Foodshed Alliance is that we’ve grown from awareness raising for a main street audience about the importance of supporting the local food movement to building strategic partnerships; working with nonprofits, educators, policy makers, businesses, community organizers and others to help influence and build alliances that affect real change in our food system.

That is why you will see the shift in our organization’s logo. Our previous logo was a sprout growing a fork, symbolizing the mainstream farm-to-fork movement. An extremely important tool for citizens to vote on how their food is grown/raised. Our new logo still has a fork and a sprout. This time it is a pitch fork working to give the sprout the best chance possible. This design reflects our commitment to work for the changes that reflect our shared values; healthy viable farms raising bountiful harvests for everyone in the community, using practices that are more natural and less extractive for the environment.


Through the impact of our programing, we are devoted to: increasing farmland access and business viability for farmers; rescuing surplus foods from local farms and donating it to people facing food insecurity; and protecting the environment for everyone in our communities. We believe that the future of our health, our land, and our communities depends greatly on the viability of local farms. It is this conviction that drives us to work, with farmers, consumers, agricultural professionals, conservationists and community partners to rebuild a healthy “foodshed” that supports farmers, nourishes people, respects the land, and strengthens our communities.

Over the years, the Foodshed Alliance has developed impactful programming that have become recognizable brands of their own from the meaningful work. You’ll see the revitalized logos below that were designed to provide unity and cooperation within.

Our Work

LocalShare is our true commitment to creating resilient communities by addressing food insecurity. We connect the dots between local farmers and families in need, ensuring fresh, healthy produce doesn’t go to waste but instead nourishes our neighbors. In partnership with local farmers, food banks, and community organizations, we ensure everyone has access to nutritious, locally grown food.

The Paulins Kill Watershed Community initiative is all about genuine collaboration to preserve the ecological richness and natural beauty of the Paulins Kill watershed. As residents, conservationists, and local stakeholders, we work hand in hand to enhance water quality, safeguard indispensable habitats, and support sustainable land use. We believe in the power of community engagement, hence our clean-up events, educational workshops, and campaigns. Our collective vision is to continue nurturing the Paulins Kill watershed so it flourishes for future generations to relish and value.

In New Jersey, we’ve turned the challenge of expensive farmland into an opportunity for farmer viability. Our Sustainable Agriculture Enterprise SAgE farmland access program bridges the gap for farmers, offering 10-year leases through partnerships with land trusts. This empowers our hardworking farmers to invest in sustainability. Our network, spreading over three counties, consists of 13 new farm enterprises on 79 acres.

The Blairstown Farmers’ Market is more than a venue for purchasing fresh produce; it’s a vibrant community hub that unites farmers, artisans, and residents to celebrate the abundance of our region. Our market is a proud advocate for sustainability and small-scale agriculture, highlighting the best of local produce, artisanal foods, and handcrafted goods. Beyond offering delicious food, we prioritize building connections, championing environmental causes, and revitalizing our local economy. And to enrich the market experience even further, we feature live performances by talented local musicians, adding a soundtrack to their Saturday experience.