The word “Alliance” is stronger than ever in our organization as you read about the partners working with us in this grant. These alliances are making a profound impact on the future of agriculture by strengthening farmers and fostering sustainable practices. By collaborating with partners and government entities, we are creating robust support systems that enhance land and market access for underserved communities.

This initiative will also appeal to donors by demonstrating our commitment to building resilient food systems, ensuring their contributions directly support sustainable agriculture, community health, and economic development.

Grant Summary
The Foodshed Alliance has secured a 5-year, $2.1 million USDA grant to enhance farmland and market access for local farmers, focusing on underserved communities. The “New Jersey Equitable Foodshed and Cooperative Markets Program” will provide affordable, long-term farmland leases and improve product distribution, especially in urban areas lacking healthy local food.

Key initiatives include:
1. Expansion of the SAgE farmland-leasing program.
2. Growth of the Cooperative Market food hub to help farmers sell their produce.
3. Technical assistance for farmers to improve on their success.

Infrastructure improvements will include the construction of Centers for Food, Farming, and the Environment at existing SAgE sites, enhancing aggregation, storage, and distribution capabilities.

Partnerships with organizations like Urban Agriculture Cooperative, NJ Food Democracy Collaborative, and NOFA-NJ will support these efforts, providing training and outreach to increase the number of successful underserved farmers.