Training Farmers for Success

The Foodshed Alliance hosts free trainings, workshops, webinars, and other networking events for emerging and expanding farms.  Email for more info or click below.

Affordable Farmland Access

The Foodshed Alliance’s Sustainable Agriculture Enterprises (SAgE) program makes New Jersey farmland accessible to organic, sustainable and regenerative farmers with long-term leases at affordable rates. Email for more info or click below.

Donate Excess Food

Instead of plowing under excess produce or composting market surplus, contact our LocalShare volunteers to glean/collect what you cannot use and deliver it to social service agencies to feed those in need. The excess food you worked so hard to produce will nourish those in our community who need it most. Email for more info or click below.

Generate Food Hub Sales

The Foodshed Alliance recruits rural farms to sell through The Cooperative Market, a Newark-based food hub. With an online buying system and aggregation sites in rural NJ, the food hub can provide an additional sales outlet and revenue stream for local farms. Email for more info or click below.

Specialty Crop Marketing Campaign

The “Know Farms, Know Food” consumer marketing campaign is designed to increase consumer awareness and engagement with specialty crop farms in our region. Participating farmers receive online promotion and marketing, stipends to support consumer outreach events & more! Email for more info or click below.

Promote Your Environmental Stewardship

River-Friendly Farm Certification is a voluntary program that publicly acknowledges local farmers who are exceptional stewards of their land, promoting this great work to customers who value environmental best practices. Email for more info or click below.