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Moving Toward a More Sustainable Life

Montclair native Jason DeSalvo explores how to invest in becoming a part of the solution to the world’s growing environmental crisis and how he and his wife built and live on a sustainable homestead in Tewksbury, NJ. Here is where they grow heirloom grains, fruits, berries, nuts, and vegetables.

What does sustainability really mean in the context of how we, as individual people, can better coexist with our natural surroundings in ways that help move our world toward a better environmental future? What Jason and his wife, Deborah, have learned along the way will provide invaluable insights into simple, meaningful steps that each of us can take everyday to collectively make a very large and very positive impact on our personal health, the health of our communities and the health of our planet.

Presented on December 12, 2023 by the Foodshed Alliance.

Using Locally Sourced Herbs for Good Taste and Good Health

Herbs locally sourced from farms near you can pack your food with amazing flavor and important nutrients that can support your good health. In this webinar, herbalist and forager Reid Giacomarra will showcase the benefits of using seasonal herbs from local farms in your cooking as well as in creating tinctures, infusions, and balms. If you’ve ever wondered how you can use herbs for good health, this webinar is for you.

Presented on October 3, 2023 by the Foodshed Alliance.

Hack Your Veggie Haul to Make the Most of Your Farmers’ Market or CSA Goodies

Learn how to make the most of your farmers’ market haul.  Kate Munning is a curious cook, gardener, and lifelong learner. She tends a small but mighty food forest on Schooley’s Mountain and orchestrates farm dinners at the Community Supported Garden at Genesis Farm. From shiso to pawpaws, she fears no fruit or vegetable, relishing the challenge of preserving 100 pounds of peppers or coaxing children into loving brussels sprouts.

Presented on September 18, 2023 by the Foodshed Alliance.

Resource: Veggie Haul Resource List

Fresh Local Food as Medicine: Connecting the Soil & Human Health

We are what we eat… but we also are what our food eats! Learn about how the health of the soil is deeply connected to our overall health, and how to choose fresh, healthy foods to support your body’s immune system. With Dr. Saul Bautista of Ethos Farm Project, we explore the importance of food in keeping our bodies healthy and in healing.

Presented on August 8, 2023 by the Foodshed Alliance.

Slides: Connecting the Soil and Human Health

Two seasoned farmers and local food enthusiasts, Aslynn Parzanese of Rodale Institute, and Tomia MacQueen of Wildflower Farm & NOFA-NJ, discuss how we can all make informed choices about the foods we eat to make positive changes at the local level.

Presented on July 24, 2023 by the Foodshed Alliance.