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Revitalizing Our Brand(s)

Revitalizing Our Brand(s)Foodshed Alliance is introducing new logos to reflect our mission and a vision for the future In 17 years of rebuilding a healthier local food system that provides for everyone, our work; helping farmers, feeding people and protecting the...



Address climate change’s threat to agriculture—and how farmers can help

The climate crisis threatens farmers’ ability to grow food in a productive and environmentally sustainable way. Yet, farmers are part of the solution. Rebuilding the soil and sequestering carbon hold great promise to create resilience to climate change.

Seek solutions to market-based problems

to make NJ farmland affordable to those who grow food sustainably, and address the lack of a pipeline for local farms to distribute their products to nearby ready-and-waiting, high-dense populations.


Feed those in need with surplus food from farms

To date, we organized hundreds of volunteers to glean 635,000 lbs. of surplus food generously donated by 20 farms in three counties. This farm-fresh food was delivered to 100+ food pantries in 7 counties.


Cultivate change by educating policy makers

It all begins by raising awareness at the community level and working for regulations, policies and laws that support a healthy food system.



Our Work, Programs and Impact

Take a look at our approach on how we tackle major food system challenges such as farmland access, access to healthy local food, protecting our natural resources and climate change.

Opportunities for Underserved Farmers

The Sustainable Agriculture Enterprise (SAgE) program provides long-term affordable access to preserved farmland for emerging and expanding farmers, and opportunities for historically underserved and BIPOC farmers.


Meet Our Farmers

Market Power



The Foodshed Alliance has launched an innovative new program designed to make preserved farmland accessible to farmers at affordable long-term leases. Now accepting applications for the 2024 growing season.

Food Hub Feasibility Study Published: A food hub that aggregates and distributes farm food could help strengthen the farm industry in northern New Jersey by giving farmers easy access to institutional buyers to fill the need for locally grown, fresh healthy food.


The Regional Foodshed Resiliency Plan published in 2015 outlined the strengths and weaknesses of our local food system and set the direction for our work.

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